FIDM Faculty: JeanAnnette Saulsbury

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JeanAnnette Saulsbury

Graphic Design

Students are coming to FIDM to become highly skilled professionals. Most of the students really want to learn for their lives, not just their grades.”

JeanAnnette Saulsbury has been making her living from art for nearly 50 years. In her long and varied career she has held in-house Art Director positions at Levi Strauss and Koret of California, been a freelance designer for San Francisco ad agencies, and owned her own custom furniture store specializing in Austrian Art Deco furniture and textiles.

Are you currently working in the industry?
Yes, I do corporate training seminars for technical designers on the manufacturing side of fashion.

What is your teaching style?
In my Creative Thinking and Presentation classes I like to say, “Raise your expectations. If you are going to fly, don’t fly low.”

Any favorite class projects you can tell us about?
I love the multi-media class presentations on historical costume research. Students have done everything from plays to puppet shows to games.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.
I believe that creativity comes with freedom and that developing designers must learn how their brains operate and how to successfully manage that freedom. We all need different conditions around us to be creative; a student must learn which one works best for her. Once that condition is set, the design process can be learned, absorbed, and metabolized faster than ever; it can be replicated in a less favorable environment with much more ease.

JeanAnnette Saulsbury is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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