FIDM Faculty: Jacob Kaprelian

Our talented instructors are industry leaders

Jacob Kaprelian

General Studies

Jacob graduated from Manchester University in England with the BSc Degree in Textile Economics and Management and MSc Degree in Textile Technology.  He has worked in the textile industry in garment production, management of a label weaving plant, and printing on fabrics.

Do you currently work in the industry? 

In 2001, I started my own business which specializes in printing on fabrics and I am mainly involved with the day to day running of my company.   It is always important to talk in the classroom about the current fashion events (colors and prints) and give examples of my experiences and interactions with customers and suppliers. 

Do you have a philosophy about teaching?

My main philosophy about teaching is what my own father always said,  "No matter which path you decide to take in life, strive to become the very best. Great success will ultimately follow as a result.”

Jacob Kaprelian is an Outstanding Faculty Award winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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