FIDM Faculty: Hakon Engvig

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Hakon Engvig

Graphic Design

Håkon (Hawk) Engvig was born in Norway, however he moved to the US at a young age. He realized his passion for graphic design through creating art for his high school metal band, Desecrate. Hawk gained his associates degree with a focus in illustration, his bachelor's degree with a focus in graphic design, and two advanced certificates in graphic design and web design. He currently teaches at three different universities, FIDM, UCLA, and Ai, while running his own graphic design and web development company, 4eign Design. His clients include: UCLA Medical Center, Axiom Images, Grill 'em All, Channel 5 London, Macy Gray, Tipple and Brine, Anova, and Hot Makeup Professionals among numerous others.

Do you currently work in the industry?

Yes, I am the Founder and Principal Designer/Developer for my freelance graphic design and web design company, 4eign Design. I utilize my knowledge and experiences to keep my content up to date, and to continue to teach at an industry standard.

What classes do you teach?

At FIDM I teach Web Design Fundamentals, UX Design, Website Design and Advanced Website Design.

Describe a favorite class project.

I am always very fond of having my students build an interactive, modern, responsive website, that goes live for the whole world to see at the end of our class. The most rewarding aspect is that the students walk away with the ability to build the website entirely from scratch.

Do you have philosophy about teaching?

There is plenty that goes into it, but ultimately I just hold my students to a high/real world standard and I am always impressed with what they accomplish when given that benchmark.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM? 

Our resources, our facilities, and our live server that lets us upload and launch our students’ websites for the whole world to see. Most of all though our young, driven, and tech savvy student body.

Hakon Engvig is an Outstanding Faculty Award winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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