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Gary Anderson

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management program instructor Gary Anderson has over 25 years of design and business experience, many of them as an officer and CEO for a firm dedicated to constructing and renovating professional theatres around the globe.

Additionally, he has been involved in a number of startup ventures, making him an excellent resource for the students he teaches in the Creativity in Business classes at FIDM.

What is a favorite class project?
“Our graduating seniors are assigned to develop new venture business plan videos that they write, film, and edit. I really enjoy the process of guiding students as they transform creative ideas into actual business plans; an idea is only good if it is outlined and detailed in writing.”

What do you like most about teaching at FIDM?
“The creativity of the students and applying my experiences to help them launch their companies.”

Do you have a teaching philosophy?
“Yes, it's student-centered. I believe that all students have strengths, and that it is the goal of education to assist them in identifying and building upon these individual foundations. I strive to help them find connections in the curriculum with their own life and interests. By allowing students to bring their own experiences and ideas into the classroom, they are given an opportunity to learn from one another.”

Please Note: The information contained herein was confirmed at the time of original publication.

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