FIDM Grad: Francesca Keesee

Grads share their career success stories

Francesca Keesee

Jewelry Design
Jewelry Designer

From interning at Tarina Tarantino to working on her own line, Sweet Nirvana Jewelry, FIDM Graduate Francesca Keesee has been busy...being fabulous!

What was the best lesson you learned at FIDM?
“That is a tough one because I learned so many important lessons! The most essential lessons I learned were in my metalsmithing course. It is highly unlikely I would be where I am without that year and a half of jewelry studio classes!”

What was your favorite thing about going to FIDM?
“My favorite and most memorable thing about FIDM was working in the Jewelry Design Studio. A bond was created between our small jewelry group and our teachers, John and Sue. We spent hours upon hours in that studio, working together, learning, and interacting. It is something I will always hold dear.”

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