FIDM Faculty: Edward Dahl

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Edward Dahl

Visual Communications

I basically want my students' time in class to be an enjoyable and engaging experience. I treat everyone with respect and as an equal. We all have something to offer.”

San Francisco Instructor Edward Dahl, a 2010 Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, worked in department store visual merchandising for 20 years before coming to FIDM. Born in Heidelberg, Germany and adopted by his American parents, Ed is the proud father of three sons, pursues different music projects in his spare time, and has a visual communications company called After Science. Ed's talents allow him to also teach classes in Merchandise Marketing and Graphic Design.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
“The Students! Watching a student grow, mature, and come into their own as an individual is the most rewarding thing, aside from watching my own children grow, that I have ever experienced in my life.”

What classes do you teach?
“Portfolio for Visual Communication, Survey of Visual Communication, Materials and Props, Lifestyle Presentation, Digital Imaging, Website Design, Computer Graphics, Computer Rendering, Color and Design Theory, and Merchandise Presentation.”

What is your favorite class project?
“All of my class projects are exciting and dynamic and I enjoy them immensely. If I absolutely had to isolate one project out it would be the set design fabrication we do in Materials and Props.”

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