FIDM Faculty: Denise Lederman

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Denise Lederman

General Studies

I love seeing students make connections between their own work or design process and the art and architecture created across history. I enjoy seeing how they make the past relevant to the world they are living in today.”

Denise teaches Survey of Western Art, History of Costume, History of Design, Survey of World Art, and Concepts in Trend Forecasting.

How do you spend your time when you’re not teaching?
In addition to photography, I like to travel and I enjoy riding my Harley whenever I get the chance. I plan on travelling to Italy on the next break.

Can you describe a favorite project or class?
In the Survey of Western Art, I ask students to share a design or artwork they have made or will make that is inspired by the different works we study. One student made a Byzantine-inspired dress that met the requirements both of my class and a fashion design assignment. The garment was not only beautiful but it demonstrated how the knowledge from two courses can inform each other.

What is your philosophy of teaching?
I admit to being a bit goofy in the classroom because I feel it sends the message that you can have fun while learning history. I try to remove the intimidation factor sometimes associated with learning.

Denise Lederman is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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