FIDM Faculty: David Polifko

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David Polifko

Interior Design

The best part of FIDM is the students. They have a lot of energy—a desire to do well and interest in the field that motivates me to work just as hard in instructing them.”

David Polifko, a designer, contractor, and residential photographer, runs his own design business, DP Design + Fabrication in the Bay area. He is a winner of Sunset Magazine’s Dream Garden Award and his photographs are in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Tell us more about your industry experience.
My experience in interior architecture and design started in 2000 with residential renovations. A few years later I began my own business, earned my contractor’s license and then received an MFA in Interior Architecture and Design to formalize my knowledge.

Can you describe a favorite class project?
In the Interior Design thesis class, students who have learned all the fundamentals of design apply them to a comprehensive project. Helping students perfect their skills and understand the design process is highly rewarding.

What is your teaching style?
My style involves lots of interactive critiques, lots of real life examples. I set a very high standard so that all students know what level of work they can and should be achieving. I also make sure that every exercise, lesson and piece of information has purpose and direction so that the student’s time is well spent. One aspect of FIDM I like is the great support system they have in place for instructors.

David Polifko is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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