FIDM Grad: Ciel Kullman

Grads share their career success stories

Ciel Kullman

International Manufacturing & Product Development
Juniors Designer, Brand Management & Development at Mr. Rags

After completing a two-year degree in Merchandise Marketing at FIDM, Ceil Kullman traveled to Taiwan to learn more about culture and business and then attended the London College of Fashion. Upon her return to Los Angeles a few months later, Ceil began her third year of study at FIDM in the International Product Development Advanced Study program.

Ciel is currently the Juniors Designer in Brand Management & Development at Mr. Rags, which has 154 stores nationwide and targets the urban street and skate market. Her job responsibilities include maintaining correspondence with the factories in Asia, sourcing fabrics and trims, and following up on purchase order entry, modifications, and inspection certificates. “I do everything,” she exclaims. “Sometimes I work 14 hour days, but I honestly love it and still go home with a smile on my face.”

What was your FIDM experience like?
“FIDM honestly is my savior in a way. They don't hold your hand the whole way through, but they hold it long enough until you know you can do it yourself. I call FIDM all the time and thank them for teaching me.”

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