FIDM Faculty: Christine LoPresti

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Christine LoPresti

Visual Communications

Fine artist Christine LoPresti has worked on visual displays with some of the best in the business: Ken Downing at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills where she was Window Coordinator and Pala Moon at Hermes, where she produced windows for four stores. Recently she collaborated with FIDM Instructor Bruce McCall on the windows for Wynn Resorts.

How did you get started in the business?
I have always been interested in art and fashion, and I went to art school. I knew at an early age that I would be doing this type of work. When I was teaching in the Art Department at San Diego State University, I was with a gallery and showing art for many years. I fell into the visual display world by accident. I was creating some art work for Neiman Marcus and they sort of recruited me into their visual department. From there I went to Neimans in Beverly Hills and worked on windows.

What classes do you teach?
Visual Presentation, Design Installation, Materials & Props, Drafting, and Survey of Visual Communications.

Do you have a favorite class project?
The window project is my favorite. It is very layered and always different. It encompasses many different skill sets; the students are motivated to execute the project well.

What is your teaching philosophy?
I believe in pushing students to an uncomfortable place; they are capable of doing more than they believe they can do. I know that kind of teaching really motivated me when I was in school.

Christine LoPresti is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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