FIDM Grad: Chelsea Albert

Grads share their career success stories

Chelsea Albert

Merchandising & Marketing

FIDM Alumna Chelsea Albert graduated with a Professional Designation in Merchandise Marketing in June 2012. Less than a year later, she's at her dream job as an Inventory Development Analyst for Victoria’s Secret Sport at Limited Brand headquarters in Ohio. How did she put it all together so quickly and what does an analyst do?

How did you land the job? Two days after finishing FIDM I got a job at Nasty Gal in LA. Nine months later, a recruiter noticed that I was from Ohio and called me. The timing was perfect since I wanted to return!

What do you love about your job? I love all of it! I have time in the office doing analysis; I travel to the stores to talk with managers and associates; and I keep in touch with distribution and production centers. This position is the last line of defense before the product hits the stores. My job is to learn how clients are responding to our merchandise and help the stores meet their goals.

How did your FIDM education help? I never thought I’d have the opportunity to work in fashion being from Ohio. I had no real knowledge of the fashion or retail industry after getting my B.S. from Ohio Northern. At FIDM, I learned all the formulas, planning programs, and terminology to give me a strong foundation in the industry.

Any advice for incoming students? One of the biggest benefits of FIDM is permanently belonging to that close-knit community of dedicated professionals. Taking advantage of that network really helped me in my job search.

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