FIDM Faculty: Cassandra Durant-Hamm

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Cassandra Durant-Hamm

General Studies

My goal is to help FIDM Students meet the industry need for informed, well-rounded apparel professionals.”

A former New Yorker, Cassandra Durant-Hamm has worked in the apparel and textile industry in Los Angeles for over twenty years. With a background in textile and fiber marketing, production, and sales, she teaches Textile Science, Fabric Identification, Textile Testing for Quality Assurance, and Textile Application and Color Management. She has traveled extensively in Europe, West Africa, Canada, and Mexico, and she once studied French in Dijon, France.

What do you hope to instill in your students?
“The demand for new fibers and fabrics that tackle specific problems is ongoing. When presented with new textile products, my hope is that FIDM Graduates will go back to their textile science foundation and use that knowledge to make sound business and creative decisions.”

Do you have a particular teaching philosophy?
“I take a pragmatic approach to instruction. In order to make the subject matter relevant to different majors, I address the question, ‘Why exactly do I need to know this information?’ If I can make it relevant, students are open to instruction, no matter how challenging.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
“I enjoy the variety of the students, the testing and dyeing lab facilities, and the scope and breadth of industry experience among the faculty, plus the general camaraderie.”

What do you enjoy about FIDM's testing and dyeing lab facilities?
“The most rewarding aspect of teaching at the lab is witnessing the moment when students finally ‘get it.’ Up to that point, lessons about fiber properties and fabric compatibility is theoretical in nature. In the lab, students experience problems with fabric dimensional instability, color loss due to perspiration, yarn weakness, or crocking, and they finally make the connection between theory and application. This validates the process and enriches the teaching experience as a whole. ”

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