FIDM Student: Caity Swanger

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Caity Swanger

Fashion Design

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a cheerleader and also in the UNICEF club and Science Outreach. I love to be with my friends and just hangout. I spend most of my time outside if the weather permits. I love fashion and learning about other countries’ fashion and culture. I also love to bake, and in fact I work in a bakery! My inspirations are Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, and Erdem.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far?
Of course getting accepted in to FIDM for college as a junior. I was also part of my competitive cheer squad that won three state championships and finished 6th in the country in the 2011 UPC national competition. Next year, I am also interning as an aid for my fashion design teacher during the school year. I can’t wait to help teach my fellow peers how to sew basic things and hopefully inspire more students to explore the realm of fashion.

What made FIDM right for you?
FIDM is the right school for me because it specializes in fashion design and has more hands-on learning. There aren’t very many fashion schools in the Midwest. I talked to my fashion design teacher and she gave me a brochure on FIDM. After showing my parents and doing some research I knew that FIDM was the right school for me.

Describe your entrance project.
For my entrance project I submitted seven formal dress designs, using colored pencil as my medium. I used a lot of beading, silk, and satin. Most of my designs use color. I love using color to emphasize personality and mood. For my inspiration page most of the pictures were from Oscar de la Renta's and Elie Saab's 2012 and 2013 collections.

What are your career goals?
Once I gain work experience, get comfortable in the industry, and focus my passion and designs, I hope to start my own line. Starting my own design label is my major goal once I graduate, and I can’t wait to start designing and manufacturing my designs! I also want to help improve the world and with my success would like to be able to help out with charities such as UNICEF.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM?
I expect to learn new techniques, design styles, and the proper methods to improve my designs. I also want to learn about fashion trends from around the world, how the fashion industry works, and establish relationships in the fashion industry that will allow me to obtain internships, and ultimately a job, working for a design label.

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