FIDM Grad: Bryna Hubbs

Grads share their career success stories

Bryna Hubbs

Merchandise Product Development
Handbag Designer, Bryna Nicole

Because I knew why I was at FIDM and what I wanted to learn, I was able to pull from the program the elements that I needed to succeed in the industry.”

Bryna Hubbs is the Owner/Designer of her self–named leather handbag company, Bryna Nicole, that's causing a stir on both coasts.

Why did you want to study at FIDM?
“The opportunity to develop my creative side intrigued me. Once I decided that I wanted to start my own line, it seemed like a natural step to go to school for a year to learn in more detail about the fashion industry.”

What do you love about your job?
“I love designing. It's the biggest reward when I've been working on a design for weeks, and it comes to me in leather form and it's perfectly how I envisioned it to be. I also love having to keep up with market trends and fashion news. It's not a bad deal to have to read WWD and Vogue for work.”

How do you apply what you learned at FIDM?
“Obviously FIDM taught me to draw and to sew and to make a pattern, but I also took a Branding class that has helped me approach creating my own brand and getting my name out there in a more knowledgeable way. I took a Marketing class that has helped me define the desired demographic and to efficiently target it.”

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