FIDM Grad: Bryan Kang

Grads share their career success stories

Bryan Kang

Fashion Design
President of Rhapsody Clothing, Inc

Originally from South Korea, FIDM Fashion Design Graduate Bryan Kang is now a U.S. citizen and the president of Rhapsody Clothing, Inc., based in downtown Los Angeles. The company has an in-house team of designers, patternmakers, and overseas researchers who collaborate to create the Rhapsody line of clothing, which is sold worldwide. House of Snoopy, Betty Boop, and OLIVIA are licensed properties of Rhapsody Studio, a subsidiary of Rhapsody Clothing, Inc.

How did FIDM help prepare you for where you are now?
FIDM opened my eyes to the fashion industry. The valuable learning experiences, excellent curriculum, and outstanding instructors at FIDM became my biggest assets as I launched Rhapsody Clothing.

What are your future plans for Rhapsody?
I plan to grow Rhapsody into a total fashion company, like ZARA and UNIQLO, controlling product development, production, and retail sales - the entire process from beginning to end.

What was your favorite class at FIDM?
My favorite class was Nancy Riegelman's Fashion Sketching for Design. Ms. Riegelman's artistic passion and vast experience deeply influenced my work.

How is FIDM viewed in the fashion industry?
FIDM is a very practical institution compared to other fashion schools. All programs are focused mainly on skills that allow students to begin working immediately after they graduate.

What advice would you give a Korean student who wants to study at FIDM?
There is a really great opportunity at FIDM to experience cultural interchange between Korean students and other students who are not familiar with Korean culture. The experience will be beneficial throughout their life.

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