FIDM Grad: Brooke Lunski

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Brooke Lunski

Merchandise Product Development

Merchandise Product Development Graduate Brooke Lunski has a busy and exciting career at Allure in New York City where she is an Assistant Producer working on the magazine's fashion, beauty, and hair photo shoots.

How did your job at Allure come about? I was an intern at Allure in Los Angeles while I was attending FIDM. I worked extremely hard while I was there and became close with my editor. Once I felt I needed to expand my experience in the fashion world, I packed my bags and made the move to New York City. Once I arrived, I quickly realized that I wanted to get back into editorial work.

While applying for a position at the magazine, Allure contacted my old editor in Los Angeles and she gave me an outstanding recommendation. I was fortunate enough to get an incredible internship and I know this may sound cliché, but it was hard work and dedication that made it pay off. Interning is a stepping stone into your career, and my advice to future grad's would be to work your butt off because you never know what door it will open for you.

What are your day to day responsibilities? I work directly for the creative director, fashion director, and the fashion editor. I produce all fashion, beauty, and hair photo shoots for the magazine. I also work very closely with the bookings department, with booking models, hair stylists, and makeup artists. A typical day would be on set of a fashion photo shoot. I am very blessed to have such an exciting job. I am on locations all over the world for our shoots quite often, everywhere from Oklahoma to the beaches of Turks and Caicos. It is very inspiring to work at a company with so many admirable people.

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? FIDM helped prepare me for my career in more ways than I ever thought. Instead of just learning of the particular career path I wanted to take, I was educated on all aspects of the fashion industry -- everything from sewing to international business. FIDM equipped me with everything necessary to obtain a professional career.

FIDM exposed me to many other aspects of the fashion industry that were not on my original radar. I am very grateful for the teaching staff. They have pushed me into areas were they felt I had talent and always had a lot of feedback for me. This helped me know if I was heading in the right direction as well as pointing out areas I needed to improve.

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