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Britt Lang

Interior Design

North Carolina native Britt Lang already has her B.A. in Psychology, but she always wanted to pursue a career in the arts and will be studying Interior Design in the fall.

"I had an agreement with my parents, that if I obtained a four-year degree first I could go to any specialty/art school I choose. For my B.A., Psychology fit my interests, as I find the human brain and cognition in general to be fascinating. I also knew that Psychology would be a good choice to help to bolster my future in the arts. I suppose it can never hurt to be clued into what people are thinking and why. I graduated from Appalachian State with my B.A. in Psychology in June of 2010.

I find my peace, my strength and my happiness in art. However it is you define art, I know it’s for me. FIDM’s Interior Design Program is going to meld my creativity and abstract thought into something obtainable, a career. I am excited to work alongside my creative cohort; other imaginative thinkers with a passion for finding, making or seeing something different and new. I chose FIDM because it is located in a thriving capitol of fashion, design, art, and people thinking outside of the box. I believe that this school will provide me with not only the tools I need to be the best at what I want, but the confidence to take it."

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