FIDM Faculty: Ben Amendolara

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Ben Amendolara

General Studies

The college gives instructors the tools we need and the clean, stable environment necessary for students to succeed and be prepared to enter the business.”

A graduate of FIT, native New Yorker Ben Amendolara has seen the textile industry from many perspectives. He’s been in the lace manufacturing business, a mill owner and operator, a freelance pattern maker, and is currently in sales. He brings over 30 years industry experience to his courses in Textile Science.

What is your current industry job?
I sell laces to the trade and convert greige goods to finished product as well as traffic textiles from overseas.

Can you describe a favorite class project?
The dye project for TSCI 2100 is very hands–on and good practical experience for what students can expect in the manufacturing business.

What do you like about teaching here?
FIDM is always looking ahead and making changes to adapt to the fast–moving world of fashion and textiles, which is a good recipe for teaching and learning.

How would you describe your teaching style?
I take a structured approach to teaching, which the students prefer. Textile Science can be scary sounding so I constantly relate what we are learning to their experiences as consumers. I always say, "Think like a consumer, not like a student in a Textile Science class."

Ben Amendolara is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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