FIDM Grad: Ashley Kelley

Grads share their career success stories

Ashley Kelley

Merchandise Product Development

"The courses I took at FIDM made my transition from student to employee nearly seamless," reports Merchandise Product Development Alumna Ashley Kelley, a Product Developer for CamelBak products. "All of the classes taught me skills I use daily in my career." A St. Louis and Memphis native, Ashley learned about FIDM while attending junior college in Santa Barbara.

After meeting with FIDM Staff and reading about the curriculum she was "hooked." And while she never intended to work in backpacks, the outdoor industry has been a great fit and her job has allowed for four trips to Asia so far. "I absolutely love Product Development -- it was the best decision I ever made," she adds. "My company has nothing but compliments for the way FIDM prepares students."

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