FIDM Grad: Amber Kekich-Purling

Grads share their career success stories

Amber Kekich-Purling

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Alumna Amber Kekich-Purling is featured on Racked LA, talking about her Downtown L.A. studio and women's wear label AGAIN, her time at FIDM, and inspiration when designing.

"I went to FIDM—they teach you everything there. They taught me that, to create a line, you don't really have to do everything by yourself, but you need to be good at construction. I was going to run track in school, but really wanted to be in fashion. In Colorado, I found a teeny-tiny flyer for FIDM and announced to my mom, 'I'm going there and moving to California.' I'm very instinctual like that. My mom was like, 'No, you're going to go to a four-year university and run track on a scholarship.' I was like, 'No, I'm moving to Cali and going to fashion school and getting a two-year associates degree.' So, that's what I did. My mom dropped me off out here, stayed for two days, and I've been living here ever since."

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