Study Tours

The art of travel

Global travel is just one of the many special experiences available to FIDM Students. Our annual Study Tours take them to major fashion and design centers such as New York City, Rome, Paris, and Milan.

Accompanied by FIDM Instructors and Administrators, students:

  • Meet with top industry professionals.
  • Go behind-the scenes to tour important companies.
  • Become immersed in inspiring art, architecture, and fashion.

Open to all FIDM Students.

New York Study Tour

Spend a week in the Big Apple! Meet with FIDM Alumni. Go behind-the-scenes at top companies and even attend a Broadway play. The visits during this tour enable students to gain insight into the careers that FIDM Graduates can select and more fully understand their participation in the design, retail, and entertainment industries.

European Study Tour

Visit four exciting cities on our two-week trip. A typical FIDM Study Tour, for example, visits Rome, Florence, and Paris. Special tours of each city and professional appointments are arranged just for FIDM Students.

Paris Summer Institute

Experience living in the City of Lights for approximately two and a half weeks. Tour the city with a professor of fashion history, visit museums, and attend special appointments relating to the industries important to FIDM Students.

FIDM Study Tour

Surf & Action Sports Study Tour

Learn about this multi-million dollar California business. This multi-day study tour will include travel from FIDM's Los Angeles campus to companies headquartered in Orange County and Ventura. This is your chance to visit behind the scenes at world renowned surf and action sports brands such as Vans, Hurley, Oakley, and Volcom. Professional appointments with influential designers and executives are arranged. Priority acceptance is given to Merchandise Product Development students.

FIDM Study Tour

Denim Study Tour

From the legacy of the Guess brand to the rise of premium denim, this multi-day study tour takes an up-close look at the denim industry in California. The tour includes travel to denim companies headquartered in Los Angeles, to visit behind the scenes at wash houses, preproduction, and design studios of some of the world’s top denim brands, as well as to network with top fashion industry executives. Priority acceptance is given to Merchandise Product Development students.

Advanced Study Programs Abroad

In certain Advanced Study Programs, FIDM Students travel abroad or within the United States as a component of their education. The International Manufacturing & Product Development, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration, Footwear Design, and Menswear, programs all incorporate overseas study as part of their standard curriculum. The Beauty Industry Management and Textile Production & Development programs include domestic tours. Study tours are an opportunity for students to integrate their career development goals with academic learning. Site visits and industry presentations give students the opportunity to meet professionals working in their field of interest and translate theoretical knowledge from the classroom into a valuable experiential learning opportunity.

Exchange Programs

FIDM Students may participate in special exchange programs giving them the opportunity to study outside the United States for one quarter. Students generally do this special program at the conclusion of their FIDM program. To participate, students must have a 3.2 cumulative grade point average and be recommended by their Department Chairperson and the FIDM International Director. Exchange programs may take place in Australia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, or Spain.