Student Learning Results

FIDM Student Performance Assessment Results

In 2013 FIDM conducted 92 assessments of student performance in 17 majors and General Studies. At the institutional level all nine institutional outcomes were evaluated through program level assessment with 91% of the students performing at or above expected levels. Assessment at the academic program level is as follows:

Academic Program % of Students Who Met Expected Levels of Performance
Advanced Fashion Design100%
Advanced Film & TV Costume Design100%
Advanced Footwear Design100%
Advanced Theatre Costume Design100%
Apparel Industry Management92%
Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing100%
Business Management92%
Digital Media97%
Entertainment Set Design & Decoration98%
General Studies92%
Graphic Design95%
Interior Design75%
International Manufacturing & Product Development89%
Jewelry Design88%
Merchandise Product Development96%
Textile Design89%
Textile Science72%
Visual Communications91%