FIDM National Scholarship Competition

Win a full one-year scholarship to attend FIDM

The deadline to enter the 2017 National Scholarship Competition has passed. Winners will be notified in July 2017.

Your unique creative vision could earn you a scholarship to attend FIDM. Our National Scholarship Competition seeks creative thinkers with the potential to be creative leaders. More than 28 scholarships will be awarded, including seven full one-year scholarships.

Showcase your talent as you demonstrate a strong understanding of aesthetics and the ability to push your creative limits. These FIDM Scholarships are an investment in the future of our students, the next generation of solution-oriented creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters.

There are seven (7) categories. To enter, you submit a project according to the guidelines set within each category:

  • Marketing Executive of Tomorrow
  • Interior Designer of Tomorrow
  • Graphic Designer of Tomorrow
  • Fashion Designer of Tomorrow
  • Visual Designer of Tomorrow
  • Trend Forecaster of Tomorrow
  • Social Media Marketer of Tomorrow

A Winner and three top Finalists from each category are chosen based on creativity, thoughtfulness, presentation, and promise.* Winners for next year's competition will be notified in July 2017 and will also be featured in our Scholarship Winners' Gallery.

Sample past projects:

  • Creating a promotional plan for a major fashion retailer
  • Designing a series of posters promoting an event
  • Creating the ideal bedroom for a twenty-something couple
  • Designing a new clothing line for your favorite store

Previous Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 National Scholarship Competition Winners and Finalists! View the winning projects.

*All Entrants MUST be either a U.S. Citizen or have Permanent Resident status. The competition is not open to current or former FIDM Students. FIDM reserves the right not to award the scholarship in any of the categories if none of the submitted entries fulfill the criteria outlined in the Project Guidelines. The full, one-year scholarships include tuition, fees, books, and most supplies.If a student is eligible for additional FIDM scholarship(s), the amount of the full-year scholarship will be reduced by the amount of the additional FIDM scholarship(s). Further, if a student is eligible for federal or state grants or additional scholarships from other sources, the amount of the full scholarship applied to the student’s first academic year will be reduced by the amount of the additional grants and/or scholarships. The amount of the reduction, caused by federal or state grants, or additional scholarships from other sources, will be made available as a scholarship award in the student’s next academic year.

The student is responsible to pay Initial & Final Application fees. This scholarship amount may be disbursed in either one or more quarters to the student's FIDM account. The scholarship is applied to tuition and fees only and has no cash value. It can be applied only to FIDM tuition and fees that are charges in the student's name and while the student is in attendance. This scholarship is non-renewable and non-transferable. In order for scholarship recipients to use their award(s) at FIDM, they must plan to begin their studies at FIDM in the first or second academic quarter for which they are eligible following their graduation from high school. In addition, they must meet all Admissions requirements, including a recommendation from their Admissions Advisor. Should a recipient take a Leave of Absence, change his/her major, withdraw from FIDM or return from academic dismissal, he or she is entitled to complete the remaining number of units of the original program to which he/she was accepted. Upon change or return, any additional units required for the current major beyond the original contract, will be charged to the student (subject to prevailing tuition costs at the time of change or return).