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We're on top of the latest trends in style so you'll always know what's in and what's out for Men's wear, Women's wear, and homes.

Fall 2013

A light and airy color palette, with citrus shades of lemon and lime becomes a stark contrast to current world events. A desire to return to innocence has created a "kidult" mentality. Baby-boomers have retained a forever-young attitude, and continue their influence. Meanwhile, the youth of today are ever more important trend-setters. White and sky blue help to part the dark clouds of gloom, returning an Easter sense of re-formation. Wearable technology improves, and products merging design and practicality such as shoes embedded with GPS devices and knitted sensors to monitor heart rate are informing our future.

Playing up their erotic capital and with a nod to the porn industry, shorts are getting shorter and deep-dropped V-necks endorse the bosom under a sheath of transparency. Neo-punk elements overdose on studs appliqued to sweatshirts, sneakers and accessories. The extreme opposite can be observed with bows and ribbons accentuating the young princess who never grows up, as seen in the continuing popularity of Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Truly confident in their sexuality, some women go for the androgynous look.

Extreme opposites continue in menswear and the young men's market. Post-punk and new wave are revisited with graphic stripes and checks in black and white or bold colors. On the other end of the spectrum are vegetal tones from lime to moss green, creating a feeling of comfort and a vintage familiarity. Along those lines are stylishly rendered varsity logos for men and women. Soft suiting with a layered effect in pastel tones gives way to seersucker stripes and mixed patterns, while copper studs and buttonholes lend shine and depth.

Copper has been trending in products ranging from kitchen appliances to lighting fixtures and exposed shower pipes. Popular retailers are offering copper candle holders and bed frames. Natural, earthy fabric weaves are a textural contrast to metallic cutlery for dining tables. Materials such as linen, hemp and wicker are showing up in outdoor seating, lighting and planters. Vintage and heirloom decorative objects create a nostalgic feeling; tables are adorned with old bird cages, and mixed patterns for table-tops and upholstery joins with vintage-inspired pottery adorned with old-fashioned violas and pansies.

Information and analysis for the Style Report is derived from our review of a variety of trend publications and observation of our community's zeitgeist. For more information contact the FIDM Library and get your style on!