September 2012

“UnderConsideration” is a graphic design company that runs a network of blogs, and offers services that include: print publishing, event planning, and design services for clients. The site is chock full of full of inspiration for designers, but also gives the visitors a degree of interaction. For example, the section Brand New gives the reader a chance to review a brands logo or design renewal. It shows various brand's evolution — including before and after perspectives – and allows readers to cast their vote on the work.

Quipsologies allows viewers and staffers to submit not only their opinion on design trends, but creative inspiration discovered around the web.

Design Encyclopedia illustrates how design affects our daily lives, from plating food, to bedroom architecture.

My favorite feature is their "FPO" or For Print Only section, an archived selection of notable printed works. Ranging from business cards to wedding invitations, all images are shown in high definition.

Designers struggling with a design or concept, will find "UnderConsideration" a platform of stylish and tasteful innovation created by passionate designers on the cutting edge of visual marketing and style. In summary, "UnderConsideration" offers visitors easy-to-navigate features with lots of browsable content, and is a freely–available source of inspiration!

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Chad Archibald