September 2012

Jewelry Illustration

Brynmorgen Press

  • 318 Bath Rd
  • Brunswick , Maine


Jewelry Illustration, by Dominique Audette, is a comprehensive course in the art of jewelry design. From the first technical drawing to the final presentation on the anatomic form, Audette walks the student of jewelry design through every step of conveying their ideas on paper. She begins with challenging material: orthographic projection and perspective. A glance through this first chapter might encourage a budding jewelry artist to take up a different subject entirely. But when you start reading through the instructions, you realize that she has broken down even the most complicated ideas into the most basic steps and principles. Audette continues on with chapters on "The Sketch" and "Light and Shadow," in which she gives the reader a comprehensive review of these basic artistic principles. Students who have never taken any basic art instruction will appreciate this information, and those who have taken Art 101 will still find her perspective useful.

Things really get interesting when we get into the sketching of gemstones, and when Audette delves further into complete sketches of different types of jewelry. Her drawings are beautiful, and clearly she is a master of her art and technique. But far from being intimidating, her clear instructions will make any student of jewelry design feel as though they are just a few steps away from being a master themselves. It will take a bit of effort, but if you follow the structured guidance Audette has laid out, you will find yourself drawing shiny metals and sparkling gemstones with the best of them.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Robin Dodge