September 2009

Move over abc Instyle Magazine xyz and make room for! Polyvore is the new user-generated fashion magazine where the public gets to play fashion editor. Founded by three former Yahoo engineers, Polyvore enables users to create collages from "must have" fashion items. Readers can view posted collages which are called "sets" and can be redirected to the webpage where the item is sold by clicking on an image. Not unlike a mood board, some “sets” have been inspired by style icons like actress Blake Lively from Gossip Girl.

Polyvore boasts the following attributes:

  • Fonts for text and audio clips from Amazon
  • Corporate sponsored contests
  • User-generated ads
  • 928,000 registered users
  • 25% more traffic than
  • More extensive than

Polyvore users have the ability to select other user’s images for their own personal "sets". In fact 95% of images come from users, but brands and e-commerce sites can also upload their own images. The site has plans to make "customer preferences" data available to retailers. This information can be used to stock items that would be most appropriate for each individual store location. In addition, buyers can use Polyvore to gain information about trends in real-time. For example, readers can already spot trends for fall like: exposed zippers, fingerless gloves, and butterfly prints.

Reviewer: Jesse Negrete, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.D.