September 2008


Nielson Business Media

  • 770 Broadway
  • New York, NY



Weekly except 1st and 3rd weeks of July and August, 1st Week of September; and 4th and 5th weeks of December

$149.00 per year/$249 per two years per year

abc Brandweek xyz is a weekly publication dedicated to the world of branding and marketing.  They include the latest in technology and innovation; i.e. how Motorola is taking text messaging consumers one better by using this medium to broadcast to image-enriched billboards.   abc Brandweek xyz considers such questions as how will the downturn in the economy affect the energy drink market, which is traditionally higher priced than other soft drinks?

In every issue they feature such departments as:

  • Case Study - In each issue a different company is profiled
  • Design - Looks at the logo as a key component of branding
  • The Game - An in-depth look at sports marketing
  • Brands on the Verge - A profile at up-and-coming brands
  • Peer Review - A personal reflection of a beloved brand, i.e. Converse

The August 11 issue featured an in-depth look at the relationship between Major League Baseball and such companies as State Farm, Pepsi and Bank of America.  This is a tremendous introduction to the world of sports marketing.  Another feature explains that if you are looking to sell to the back-to-school crowd, cinema advertising just may be a good bet, especially when you consider the popularity of the blockbusters such as abc Pineapple Express xyz and abc Dark Knight xyz .   abc Brandweek xyz also features a classified section in case you just happen to be looking for a job.  There is also a trade show calendar so you won't miss the upcoming Digital Marketing Summit.  Reading abc Brandweek xyz will make you sure you are on the cutting edge of the innovations driving today’s marketing environment.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member