September 2007 or or is the all-encompassing online source for the individual with a career involving visual merchandising. is also set up as, both sites being the cyber versions of VM+SD (Visual Merchandising + Store Design) magazine.

Since 1922, VM+SD has been the number one periodical to service the visual strategist by covering the most current store designs and displays.  From its monthly publication, was then launched to make its resources more widely available with extra features updated almost daily.

Readers can subscribe to its free newsletter that highlights the week’s headlines and overall content.  In addition to the news brief, product press releases, tradeshow information and discounts are also included. offers a ‘buyer’s guide’ feature that serves as the industry’s “yellow pages” directory with clear and concise contact information.  What was once a yearly published edition is now offered as an up-to-the-minute service in real-time.  And speaking of remaining fresh on data, has its own ‘green retailing’ section to complement the growing amount of eco-conscious citizens.  The site also incorporates a ‘message board’ for like-minds to question and comment at any given time or day.  Along with a useful ‘calendar’ of upcoming events, this site keeps the reader connected through a variety of competitions and the possibility of sharing personal ideas and stories.  With such a heavy dose of useful information, it is no wonder the team behind it all remains on top of the game.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member