September 2007


The Street Editorial Office

  • 1-16-8-5F, Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku



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FRUiTS Magazine

For centuries, the Japanese have fascinated Westerners with their personal sense of oriental mystique.  Unique are they to the legends of the geisha and the samurai.  Design aesthetics from this culture never cease looking for innovative ways for their approach to arts and crafts.  This is not only apparent to these disciplines alone, but also in their style of dress.

For the last decade, abc Fruits xyz magazine has documented street wardrobe in the trendier metropolis of Tokyo where individualists make the grade to have their pictures published.  As one of the more prominent fashion periodicals that focuses on the concrete jungle style, abc Fruits xyz delivers different perspectives of dress from a relatively homogenized costume society.  Anime comes to life on the street as abc Fruits’ xyz photography filters through the mainstream to highlight the wild and the style-conscious.

Discover an almost anthropological slide show of Gothic Lolitas, Barberella Bardots, and Origami Rockabillies.  Every style is depicted amongst other truly original identities.  The Japanese, influenced by the West, adopt vocabulary such as the word “maniac.”  This term is used to describe anyone with a fetish for anything.  Anything applies to food, literature, or vices - like gambling.  You have your “sushi maniacs,” or your “Hello Kitty maniacs,” or even “pachinko maniacs.”   abc Fruits xyz is all about “fashion maniacs.”

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member