September 2005

If you're interested in upscale, hard-to-find beauty, bath, and fragrance products, abc xyz is where you want to go. The site is very easy to navigate, in part because of its boutique size. A few of the categories, like abc Baby, xyz abc Men’s xyz , and

abc Hair Care xyz have very few items; abc Fragrances xyz has the most. One of the great features of this website is their products list. Easy to use and convenient for placing your ordering.

. abc Fragrances - xyz all have delicious descriptions, with high prices to match; if you place an order (of any product) you can order samples of five fragrances of your choosing for $5.

abc Cosmetics - xyz has a small selection of mascaras and lipsticks.

abc Bath & Body - xyz has skin care, treatments and bath products for women and men. (Some products are listed in more than one category.)

abc   xyz abc Baby Care - xyz Has a link to British bath products Molton Brown. Heavenly Gingerlily is a personal favorite.

There is a "What’s Hot This Week!!" feature on the home page that has hidden treasures, e.g. choose Ocean Candle and be presented with an entire fragrance line, of which the Ocean-scented candle is one of the last. Offerings change frequently, so if you're interested in a product, order it when you see it. The staff of Beautycafe will do searches for hard-to-find products and special orders.

Reviewer: Elizabeth Lady, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.