September 2004

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The Weekly Newsmagazine Of Science

You might think that science is boring or maybe you think you just can’t understand it. You’ve taken High School Biology, and you’re over it. Well, don’t give up on science just yet. abc Science News xyz is the publication for you.

abc Science News xyz is a weekly magazine that pulls together important information from many prominent scholarly journals such as abc Science xyz , abc Nature xyz , and numerous medical and technical journals. It condenses those impossible-to-understand articles into concise news briefs. The articles are easy to read, and they cut through all of the gibberish that scholarly journals are known for.

You may be surprised at how interested you are in the subjects that abc Science News xyz covers. New developments in medicine, such as the latest drugs, steps towards cures for previously incurable conditions, and the latest technology will have you amazed at all the progress the medical field is making. Articles on the latest astronomical or geological discoveries will pique your interest in the natural world around you. The latest developments in computer technology will have you wondering what the future will hold. This is the most important information in the world of science. It’s easy to find on most newsstands, in most public libraries, and if you have access to EbscoHost, you can get it in full-text right from your home computer. Don’t miss a single issue!

Reviewer: Robin Dodge, FIDM Library Staff Member