September 2003

Retail Ad World

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The Best In Retail Advertising, Marketing and Promotion…

Have you been looking for a magazine that can help you spot trends and gives you up-to-the-minute information regarding retail advertising? If the answer is yes, than abc Retail Ad World xyz is the magazine for you. With over 65 years worth of experience, abc Retail Ad World xyz shows you the best of what retailers are doing to attract and promote their brands and corporate image. With twelve issues a year you can always be sure the information is always current and up-to-date.

This magazine delivers detailed information with such sections as:

  • Marketing highlights: Featured stories about advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Media Focus: Noteworthy ads are given an overview and explained.
  • Ad Clinic: Advice and suggestions from industry professionals.
  • In Store: The latest in in-store handouts.
  • Catalogs: Examples from the best and the brightest.

The current issues focuses on such notable brands as: Donna Karan, Land’s End, Escada, Henri Bendel and more. The editors present real-world examples from some of the most successful companies doing business today. So if you are looking for the latest in advertising in any media format whether it be digital, print, or televised; abc Retail Ad World xyz is for you.

Reviewer: Peter Davis, FIDM Library Staff Member