September 2002

What’s trendy in kitchen and bath design? Want to find out which ovens offer certain features? Looking for a job in cabinet sales? Check out abc xyz , the online home of abc Kitchen and Bath Design News xyz magazine. The website proclaims it’s "The Leading Magazine For The Kitchen And Bath Industry" and it is easy to see why. This site has everything abc and xyz the kitchen sink!

You will find design trends from abroad and helpful articles for professional designers and amateurs alike. Sections such as Product Trend Reports, Buyer’s Guides, Classified Ads, and Industry Trends are equally helpful. The articles are well written and fun to read, whether you’re a full-fledged interior designer or someone who gets excited when the latest Pottery Barn catalog arrives. The articles draw your attention with titles such as "A Cornucopia of Cabinetry" and "Counter Act."

Recently featured was the latest in European trends: "the unfitted look" (using kitchen workstations that look like furniture instead of long continuous counters), bronze tones for faucet finishes, and the use of natural materials like wood and stone. As in fashion, trends in kitchen and bath design usually emerge in Europe before arriving in the States. This up-to-the-minute information is vitally important to the interior designer as well as the weekend do-it-yourselfer. For example, knowing what’s hot in Europe can influence decisions made during a trip to Home Depot.

abc Kitchen and Bath Design News xyz is full of interesting content and useful resources. Pay a visit and you will begin to see your kitchen and bathroom in a whole new light.

Reviewer: Kirstie Harless., FIDM Library Staff Member