October 2012

365 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers

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Graphic designers offer straight-forward advice and assessment of their own experiences in the industry in 365 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers. It is apparent that the 365 habits featured have been culled from a lot of practical experience. Examples of featured habits include:

Habit #2: Demand Respect, Creative License, and Fair Pay

Graphic Designer Art Chantry states, "Graphic design is a weird art form; it is half business, half art. Most people who get into it do so because of the art. The successful ones get into it for the business. You may be a critical success doing art, but you are not going to get rich."

Habit #84: Keep It Interesting For Yourself

In order to avoid dealing with the same topics over and over in a publication, and to keep it interesting for the designer and the readers, Graphic Designer Nicki Kalish suggests, "This is why I try to have variety- I talk to a lot of editors and photographers so I don’t keep getting the same images over and over."

Habit #204: Hurry Up

Graphic Designer Vince Frost states, "If you’re into making books, hurry up before there are no more books being published. I think there is going to be a migration to people producing things online."