October 2011

The Help

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Run Time 146.0

The Help

Pssst – Don’t tell anyone, but as much as I thought I was going to dread seeing this film, I really enjoyed it!

1963 Jackson, Mississippi is the setting for this film based on the best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett. Skeeter is the daughter of a fine, old white family and a recent graduate of Ole Miss — at a time when not many proper young ladies went to college. All of her friends are married with children, belong to the Junior League, and play bridge every week, but Skeeter wants to be a writer.

When she decides to tell the story of the black maids that spend their lives working for wealthy white families, “Society” is brought down a few notches and the ladies that share their stories gain a bit more self–respect and freedom. It’s a tough journey, but the book gets printed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film— I laughed and cried, I cheered and I was shocked. As a transplanted Southerner, I have known these people. As an educated person, I recommend this film as an easily digested view of our not-too-distant, and rather distasteful, past.

Reviewed by Michael Black, FIDM Museum Coordinator