October 2011


Selvedge Ltd

  • 162 Archway Road
  • London,



$125 for one year per year

Celebrating Fabrics and Creative Lifestyle

SELVEDGE is a self funded, bi– monthly, 100 page full– color magazine, founded in 2004 which is based in London. The founder Polly Leonard wanted to launch a magazine that would cover more than the manual of the 'How to Knit Yourself a Handbag'. It focuses on fine textiles in every context: fine arts, fashion, interiors, ethnographic textiles, travel, and shopping. It addresses an international audience which is dedicated to textiles and claims it as their first love. All the industries that touch textiles are together under one title. Leonard wants to encourage the fashion people to talk to the interiors people and others and show them how they could look at textiles differently.

This magazine is different from all others which I know: the format looks like a mini book and the paper is thick and grainy. The finest textile photography, beautiful graphics and illustrations which come along with interesting and informational articles are all above high standard. It provides a wide ranging, and critical overview of the textile world and its different components. The usual well known names in textile design show up frequently but Polly Leonard is also a champion of niche, under the radar designers. The magazine can be ordered hard copy or digitally. It also features their 'Dry Good Store', a digital online store that highlights the work of many of their published artists. They also include a book listing of some rare and out of print books. In short, SELVEDGE is a visual treat.

Reviewed by Library Staff Member Kristine Upesleja