October 2010


Editrice Abitare Segesta

  • Via Ventura 5, 20134
  • Milano, Italy





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A Magazine Devoted to International Design

abc Abitare xyz , a magazine with a long tradition of focusing on architecture, furniture product design, and visual arts, was founded in 1961 and has been based in Milan, Italy since 1963. In 2008 the magazine was completely redesigned by the new editor-in-chief Stefano Boeri and graphic designer Mario Piazza. The path of their new editorial idea was to take the readers to extraordinary places and guide them through images and stories. Moving away from the tendency simply to report and review, abc Abitare xyz has become an internationally acclaimed periodical which seeks for cutting edge design and architecture and art projects, all seen from a new perspective.

The magazine explores different ways to approach and understand reality. abc Abitare xyz stresses the links between architecture and literature, dedicating a selection of designs each month with commentary by internationally known writers and novelists. In order to create a deeper understanding of the projects presented in the magazine, the drawings and diagrams produced by the young Italian firm Salattobuono are conceived as a kind of toolbox for the readers. The August 2010 issue features a half yearly supplemental booklet called abc Zona xyz , with philosophical essays from seven different designers and architects. It can be seen as cooperation between academic teaching and an international magazine for architecture, art and design that appeals to a wide, sophisticated readership of experts and specialists. abc Abitare xyz is published in two languages and abc Zona xyz in three (Italian, English, German).

Reviewer: Kristine Upesleja , FIDM Library Staff Member