October 2010

Thierry Mugler: Galaxy Glamour


  • 500 Fifth Avenue
  • New York , NY


Thierry Mugler the fashion designer. Thierry Mugler the photographer. Thierry Mugler the perfumer. Thierry Mugler the video director, art director, costume designer, et al. The enigmatic persona and artist has been visually captured in a book by French journalist and author, Danièle Bott.

Mugler was born and raised in France, where he dedicated himself to ballet until his self-made wardrobe began to leave an impact on the fickle fashion industry. With his unique sense of style, Mugler worked his way from freelance designer to establishing his own company in the early ‘70s.

abc Glamour Galaxy xyz embodies the essence of what the House of Mugler has stood for by dividing the book into five parts: fantasy, anatomy, metamorphosis, heroines, and stars. Fantasy: fairytales and theatre embodied on the runway, print, and beyond. Anatomy: Sculpting the shape of a woman’s body through strict and exaggerated clothing construction. Metamorphosis: Mugler’s designs reinvent the person wearing his vision. Heroines: muses, close friends, and clients. Stars: Mugler’s triumphant ascent into becoming a top perfumer.

abc Glamour Galaxy xyz includes 135 illustrations and 124 color photographs that provide the reader a Mugler dream come true. Finally, the book offers a sense of intimacy by using quotes from those who had the luck to be touched and transformed by Thierry Mugler’s escapism.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member