October 2009

House Beautiful

Hearst Communications, Inc.

  • 300 West 57th Street
  • New York, NY

(212) 903-5000




$19.97 per year U.S./$35.97 Canada and all other countries per year

abc House Beautiful xyz is a monthly publication that covers many aspects of design in and around our homes. It’s a decorating magazine that offers information about practical renovations and remodeling by focusing mostly on colors, paint, and fabrics. It will inspire you to discover your own sense of style and elegance. It also makes suggestions how to prepare a good meal for friends and loved ones.

abc House Beautiful xyz is printed on rich, glossy paper that makes the photography jump off the pages. It is a visual magazine featuring homes that are both approachable and eclectic. It has a clean-cut feel that celebrates an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

The magazine showcases furniture, home accessories, the use of color in your rooms, and how to make the most of small spaces. It doesn't endorse a particular style, region or coast. Homeowners looking for design ideas will appreciate the wide selection of styles and treatments. From the latest in simplistic style to the patterns of 18th century French room treatments, abc House Beautiful xyz favors no particular school of design. Ultimately, in the end the reader must make their own decision on how best to decorate their house based on their individual preferences.

It also contains expert advice on setting a luxurious table in your own home or it puts the latest cookbooks to the test, making recipes and offering real world advice on what works and what doesn't. What makes abc House Beautiful xyz interesting is the monthly series which follows the progress of an ongoing renovation project.

The publisher is Hearst Magazines. The editor-in-chief, Stephen Drucker, was a contributing editor at abc Architectural Digest xyz and abc Martha Stewart Living xyz . Every month he shares his inside view on the hottest products. abc House Beautiful xyz is all about the reader and is an ‘all-inclusive’ experience.

Reviewer: Kristine Upesleja, FIDM Library Staff Member