October 2008

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abc Happi Magazine xyz pertains to the household and personal product industry. They cover everything from cosmetics to detergent, from packaging to financial news. A recent issue listed the Top 50 leading US-based companies in the industry. The number one company in the industry is Procter and Gamble. Their major products are baby care, Pampers and Luvs; beauty care and laundry care products such as Tide, Ariel, and Downy. Procter and Gamble is followed in the top 10 by Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson and Johnson, Estee Lauder, and Avon to name a few.

The big news in the industry is how to go green. Companies are emphasizing an array of green solutions to attract customers to their products. For example, Colgate opened a manufacturing facility that makes toothpaste faster than ever but at the same time, uses less water, energy and materials. Industrial and institutional cleaning companies are emphasizing their green solutions too. In keeping with the times, the June issue focused on the green movement. They covered green cleansing products, cosmetics, and new natural ingredients. There’s a list of natural ingredients introduced by suppliers during the past 12 months as well as a supplier directory. The current issue features products that offer UV Protection.

abc Happi xyz also covers news about the European Market. abc Happi Magazine xyz is an amazing resource and well worth taking a look at.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member