October 2007

From FIORUCCI to the GUERILLA STORES - Shop Displays in Architecture, Marketing and Communications

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In this age of consumption, the psychology behind shopping has been critically analyzed in order to enhance the buying experience.   abc From Fiorucci to the Guerilla Stores xyz examines “Through successive waves of expansion – each more extensive and pervasive than the previous – shopping has methodically encroached on a widening spectrum of territories so that it is now, arguably, ‘the defining activity of public life’.”  There is a great desire for designers and architects to translate brand identities through creative retail spaces.

From designer stores in the 80’s bearing semblance to art galleries, to the practice of minimalism and feng shui in the 90's, the millennium continues to bridge the marriage of fashion, architecture, and art.  Contemporary luxury brand strategies from designer profiles are collaborating with global architects that are also celebrated for their museums and libraries.  As with these public access spaces mentioned, fashion retail imitates to be viewed also as a cultural epicenter.  Elio Fiorucci institutionalized the concept of lifestyle in order to combat, in his words, “authority and boredom.”  For more in depth understanding of the evolution of shop display aesthetics, read this book for details.

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member