October 2006

Vogue Knitting

SoHo Publishing Company

  • 233 Spring Street, 3rd Floor
  • New York, NY

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Four times a year/ January, March, August, and October

$19 a year per year

abc Vogue Knitting International xyz is the matriarch of the knitting magazine world. Unfortunately, that designation is not always a good thing. New knitters tend to perceive the patterns provided as complicated and difficult, or too sophisticated for their level of experience. I urge any knitter who has passed over abc Vogue Knitting xyz to give it a second look.

Aside from the beautiful patterns in each issue, this magazine does an exceptional job of covering topics of interest to knitters. Each issue always has a bit of knitting history, brand new knits from the most recent runway shows, and a survey of new products. Even the advertisements are exciting, leading readers to great knitshops and yarn manufacturers, easily accessible online.

The patterns are by far the star of the show. abc Vogue Knitting xyz does an amazing job of including very easy, basic patterns labeled "Very Easy, Very Vogue," right on up to advanced patterns that will challenge experienced knitters. The garments are always stylish, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed. Beginning knitters who pass this magazine over saying that the patterns are too complicated, are shortchanging themselves. Knitting is a fairly easy, uncomplicated activity. It consists of only two basic stitches, knit and purl. Once you have mastered these, you are ready to tackle anything. Break the pattern down into manageable sections. Read through the whole thing once or twice. Even write it out, spelling out the abbreviations if you have to. You will be surprised what you can tackle. You are capable of making something from abc Vogue Knitting xyz ! Give it a try.

Also check out knit.1, the new magazine from abc Vogue Knitting xyz , which has easier patterns with even more fashion-forward style than its parent magazine.

Reviewer: Robin Dodge, FIDM Library Staff Member