October 2006

Hungry Planet: What The World Eats

Ten Speed Books

  • Box 7123
  • Berkeley , CA

(800) 841-2665

abc Hungry Planet xyz surveys the world’s eating habits via the weekly budgets and food choices of a sampling of families from around the world. Each family is photographed in their dining area with a week’s total of food, their story is told alongside interesting statistics describing the food consumption of the country they represent. For those of us from developed countries, abc Hungry Planet xyz is an opportunity to see what it is we have the chance to enjoy on a daily basis, though we seldom notice; navigating the staggering amount of choices at the grocery store distract us from understanding the nature of our eating habits and how they fit in with the rest of the world.

The introduction traces the dietary changes that occur when families and communities transition from poverty to financial security, essays dispersed throughout highlight different issues that globalization has on world diet, and how each family contributes a recipe important to their family culture. Vegetarians may find their ideas confirmed by the author’s preachy attitude about the American avoidance of meat in its original context, i.e. what in a less developed country would be a local butcher’s display of carcasses, and rather than a disinterested journalistic observation the reader is served passionate opinions about the state of American values about food. Regardless of the reader’s own opinions on the state of the world’s eating habits, abc Hungry Planet xyz provides amazing photographs and an experience something like being a "fly on the wall" of kitchens around the world.

Reviewer: Caroline Bautista, FIDM Library Staff Member