October 2005



Have you ever wanted to visit a museum in another city, but didn’t have the time or airfare? The Art Institute of Chicago offers a virtual visit through its web site, www.artic.edu/aic, allowing you to view images of many of the paintings and sculptures that make up the museum’s permanent collection and featured exhibits. Brief information about the artists and significant details about the work can also be found on the web site.

From the home page, click on “Education” and then “Online Learning” to view:

  • Works by impressionist and post-impressionist painters, click on “Art Explorer”.
  • Major works from the museum’s collection, click on “Art Access”.
  • Video or narrative lectures on art conservation, color science, and light science, click on “Science, Art & Technology”.
  • Ancient Egyptian, Italian or Greek art, click on “Cleopatra Exhibit”.

The Art Institute of Chicago’s web site, www.artic.edu/aic, is a great place to view images of famous works, look up information about an artist, or just visit a collection housed far away. For those that want to stay on top of everything, you can even sign up for an e-newsletter. Another great resource is the “Online Resources” section where you can learn about ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, and Art Access where you can study art history. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Jennifer Runden, FIDM Library Staff Member