October 2004



What website will become a dependable companion to any merchandise marketing student? Crmdaily.com of course! Crmdaily.com is short for abc Customer Relationship Management News & Information xyz and the site is chalk-full of it. With articles and information that focus on the issues presently facing marketers and retailers, crmdaily.com makes itself a useful and necessary site to visit.

Some of the outstanding features of crmdaily.com:

  • A free electronic newsletter that alerts you to any news concerning topics of a technical nature, such as Network Security and Data Storage. These newsletters are fully customizable to suit your preferences.
  • An archived article index entitled “White Papers” that allows you to search by subject heading or keyword.
  • CRM Product Reviews, which offers informative reviews on anything from software to specialized businesses.
  • Logical layout and easy navigation make browsing or advanced searching simple.

The greatest strength of this site is in its comprehensiveness. It addresses the technical side of business as well as interpersonal side with an eye always on the customer. Currently available on the site are such resources as: “Multichannel Promotion Key To E-Mail Marketing Success” and a link to free security management tools from Microsoft â . Another plus to this website is that it’s updated DAILY. So if you want to keep current on issues in the marketing game, give crmdaily.com a try.

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member- S.F.