October 2003



www.retailsource.com is a one-stop shopping resource for the retail industry. Need a listing of companies selling banners? They've got them. Need a mannequin vendor? They have those, too. Their "Products for Retail Design, Construction, and Visual Merchandising" page lists everything from accessories displayers to wood flooring. Their "Services" page offers a similarly extensive list. Now you'll never have to go searching for brand development firms, lighting designers, and structural engineers again. They're all here!

Their "Community" page offers useful information as well, including links to:

  • Retail industry association websites.
  • Retail industry events.
  • Forums for discussion of topics such as store operations, displays, visual merchandising ideas, etc.
  • Retail industry news.
  • A full-service retail industry "Career Center".

Perhaps the best feature about RetailSource.com is its commitment to providing unlimited and liberal access to vendors and service providers. They write: "We are an open, non-exclusionary resource. We include listings and links to any vendor, service or information company that serves the industry and we add more resources every day." After logging onto this site how can you possibly go back to using a search engine for your retail industry-related searches?

Reviewer: Kirstie Harless, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.