October 2003

Beadwork Magazine

Interweave Press, Inc.

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Beads have been around for about 40,000 years, used in everything from necklaces, bracelets, anklets, headbands and headdresses. They have been used symbolically, have been exchanged in barter, and used to define concepts of beauty. Continuing this tradition today, and also allowing for fun and whimsy, is the magazine abc Beadwork xyz .

abc Beadwork xyz allows the imagination to take flight and inspires creativity. With artists sharing their original designs, knowledge and experience, each article is easy to read, each project is fun to try. Feature articles in the August/September 2003 issue include:

  • Releasing Your Creativity: An interview with Ann Gilbert
  • Cindy Wrobel’s Lively Beaded Wire
  • Four Easy Steps to Conserve Your Beadwork.

There are fourteen beadwork projects in this issue alone. If you have always wanted to try making a Victorian lace bracelet or a stair-step tassel, this is your chance. Perhaps your own work might be featured in these pages. In ‘Words from Our Readers’, the W.O.R.D. (what our readers did), features readers’ designs accompanied by their letters to abc Beadwork xyz .

One of the regular departments is called "Bead Boy." In this department, creative solutions to beading are sought. Readers are encouraged to send snapshots of their creations. In the September edition, the challenge was ’Bead a Memory.’ An upcoming challenge is ‘Bead Peace.’

abc Beadwork xyz is fun and informative, lively and upbeat. The magazine is living proof that beadwork in all its vast and varied forms can still has the power to enchant us.

Reviewer: Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library Staff Member