October 2003

Handbags: A Peek Inside A Womans Most Trusted Accessory

Running Press Book Publishers

  • 125 South Twenty-Second Street
  • Philadelphia , PA


abc Handbags: A Peek Inside A Woman’s Most Trusted Accessory xyz has something for everyone. Whether you prefer the tote bag, clutch, or satchel, this guidebook covers the undeniable, yet very real, psychological powers of the most popular of all fashion accessories, the purse. With this book, Hagerty thoroughly explores the emotional attachment women have to their purses, an attachment that often begins with childhood.

This book explores the various feelings associated with the handbag such as:

  • Identity & Individuality
  • Privacy & Secrecy
  • Power & Status
  • Glamour & Luxury
  • Memory & Nostalgia

This book is beautifully illustrated with over 128 pages of color photography. It features some of the most popular bags ever created such as: the Chanel quilted 2.55, so named for it’s debut in February of 1955; the Louis Vuitton signature canvas backpack; and the world-renowned Judith Leiber minaudiere, each a work of art in it’s own right. Celebrated novelist, Anne Rivers Siddons, has written the insightful forward adding her own personal musings on the subject. abc Handbags xyz is a must-read for the accessory fanatic and casual shopper alike.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member