October 2002



Film Facts at Your Fingertips! The web’s Internet Movie Databases ( abc IMDB xyz & abc IMDBPro xyz ) have the answers.

What was the last film that featured costumes designed by the legendary Edith Head? What was Kevin Bacon’s first movie role? The abc Internet Movie Database xyz is perfect for searching for awards and costume designers, but you will soon discover there is much more waiting in the wings:

  • First runs: Sections on independent films, movie and TV news, and current top grossing movies in the U.S and U.K.
  • Film facts: Get facts about films and the people who make them, with info on awards, bios (including filmographies), movie terminology glossary, trivia, people (cast & crew) and top movies (U.S. & U.K,) by genre, by decade, by box office, etc.
  • Film fun: Customizable movie search/organizer functions, daily poll, games, message boards, random title/quote generator
  • For sale: Videos and DVDs
  • Photos (and moving images): Celebrity bio head shots, photo galleries, trailers

The companion site to abc IMDB xyz is called abc IMDBPro xyz . This site is geared towards the industry professional and offers additional information such as an actors recent salary and professional representation, U.S. and international box office figures, and movies in production. As a special offer to visitors of the FIDM website, you may obtain an annual subscription to abc IMDBPro xyz for only $79.95. Just click on https://secure.imdb.com/register/subscribe and enter Promotional Code FIDM2002.

This site has mountains of movies, with information and functionality geared towards movie industry types and fanatical film fiends. With a name like "database," it is no wonder that you can hopscotch from "whats hot" to movie history, wherever an interesting movie or name is mentioned. Speaking of history, the answers to the questions above are "Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid" and "Animal House" (believe it or not!). I’ll leave it to you and the Database to link Bacon to Head (as in the party game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"), or to do some real research. Either way, it will be reel fun, and educational.

Reviewer: Jon Worona, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.